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22-23 March, 2019

Corporate hotel and Convention Centre

Ulaanbaatar Mongolia


The purpose:  

The Mongolia gold conference committed to directing globally investors attention towards Mongolian gold industry, opening financial opportunities, relocating advanced technology and equipments, widening business relations and collaboration, developing gold geological exploration and increasing gold resources of Mongolia.


•Government agencies
•Gold mining exploration companies
•Investment corporations
•Adisory service companies
•Banks and financial institutions
•Professional associations

Advantages of the Conference and Exhibition to participants

•kick-off an agreement and collaboration.
•Contact with top of Mongolian and international renowned companies
•Introduction of advanced techniques and technology
•New trends and opportunities to expand business
•Contact with investors
•Invest in profitable projects
•Share experiences

The “Mongolia gold” Conference overview:

Currently 542 companies whose owning a mining licences and 1100 companies whose owning an exploration licences have been in Mongolian gold industry. The number has every year goes up trend. The Government of Mongolia is implementing the Gold-2 program to increase gold industry and 2-3 tons of gold per year to stabilize and reaching 25 tons in 2020. With the purpose of this initially, has given a discounted loan to 10 gold mining companies.
Gold exploration and mining companies are actively seeking collaboration, investment and financial opportunities. In order to support these needs, the Mongolia Gold 2017 meeting was held on March 17, 2017.
Hence the Memo was initiated at the meeting, discussing concessional loans and other financial opportunities of the government, and collaborating on many projects, investment agreements and deals, and exchange of experiences. The Gold investment, technology convention, and exhibition of “Mongolia Gold 2018” gold mining sector, including technology, technology and world experience in mining deposits, to attract gold projects from international stock exchanges and stock markets and to seek other financial opportunities and collaboration.


• Government, private sector, professional associations together consulting and cooperating to build a memorandum of “Gold 2” program
• Improving the gold industry, increasing exports, contribute to the state budget revenue and foreign exchange reserves
• build a collaboration agreement between the conference attendees
• improvement of gold industry investment and collaboration
• transmit advanced technology and equipments to gold industry
• donate to development and strengthening competitiveness of Mongolian gold industry